We began the YELLOW phase of our re-opening plan in mid-October, which included resuming in-person Life Groups.

Just as a recap of our re-opening plan: the RED phase began on March 14 (online only services); the ORANGE phase began on June 11 (in-person worship services and all other ministries online); the YELLOW phase began on October 18 (in-person worship services and in-person Life Group options); and the GREEN phase date is to be determined (all campus activity and ministries resume).

Here's a breakdown of what the YELLOW phase looks like: 


Our Worship Service on Sundays starts at 10 AM in the Worship Center. Greeters and health screeners welcome members and guests at the Main Street doors, starting about 30 minutes prior to the service time. For those that are unable to make it in-person, we broadcast the service live on YouTube. That video will be available to watch at a later time, and all of our Worship Services and other ministry videos are archived here on our website. Click MEDIA in the drop-down menu to find that archive.

We are having in-person Life Groups, and we are set up for social distance as a precautionary measure against spreading and contacting the COVID-19 Coronavirus. We do ask that you please wear a face mask at all times while inside the church.  Life Groups are on Sundays at 9 AM. Here's a list of classes and room assignments. Click HERE for a PDF campus map.

  • Senior Adults Coed (Gene Kemp): Room 110
  • Young Adults (Ryan Morgan): Old Fellowship Hall
  • Women of the Word 20+ (Karyn Jones): Room 50 downstairs
  • Tiger 1 Coed 60+ (Paul Francis): Room 155
  • Adult 5 Coed 50+ (Craig McRae): Room 157
  • Living Water Coed 30+ (Terrell Outlaw): Room 159
  • Sisters in Hope 40+ (Susan Akin): Room 183
  • Adult 3 Men 50+ (Tommy Newman): Room 185
  • The Net Coed 30+ (Steve Pigott/Jay Jones): New Fellowship Hall


Kids in grades K-5 meet together during this phase in the Kids Worship area upstairs. The group meets on Sundays at 9 AM. Click HERE for a PDF campus map.


Students in grades 6-12 all meet together in the Youth Room upstairs. The group meets on Sundays at 9 AM. Click HERE for a PDF campus map.


Childcare is available during our Life Groups and Worship services for kids in preschool and younger. Kids in grades K-12 are encouraged to worship with you as a family. Click HERE for a PDF campus map.

For now, all Midweek ministries will remain online. Videos air on Wednesday evenings.


  • We ask that all who come to our church campus please practice social distancing as much as possible with at least six feet of separation between you and the next closest person/family group.
  • We have health screeners at the entrances with no-contact thermometers to check for elevated temperature and other visible symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • We have hand sanitizer and face masks available at all entrances.
  • For our Worship Services, we only use the Main Street doors for entrance. Please sit in one of our designated seating areas. Look for colored tape on top of the pew.
  • For our Life Groups, we ask that you please enter the church through one of our covered awnings (south building or multi-ministry center). The Main Street doors to the Worship Center are only used for our Worship Services. Life Group rooms are set up for social distancing, and we ask that a six-foot distance remain in between you and the next person or couple. 
  • If you have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 recently, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., we ask that you please stay home. We look forward to seeing you once you are well.