We’ll help you teach your preschooler about God’s love.


You knew that a little one would change your life, but you had no idea how much. This wide-eyed child with precious innocence, intense curiosity, and immense joy requires all you can give and more! It seems that each and every day centers around your preschooler-meeting his needs, teaching him valuable lessons, protecting him, loving him. Yet you don't mind because you want the best for your preschooler.

FBC Monticello is a church that will help you teach your preschooler about God's love. We're here to help by offering you a place you can trust to care for your preschooler, people who will genuinely love your preschooler, and a church that will help your child grow in the instruction of the Lord. 

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The Jesus Storybook Curriculum consists of 44 beloved individual Bible stories. However, it focuses on telling one BIG story: the story of how God loves his children and comes to rescue them! The curriculum teaches the children that it takes the entirety of the Bible to tell this story and at the center of it all is a baby. A baby named Jesus. Every story in the Bible whispers His name.

Schedule (Ages newborn to Pre-K)

10:35am - Check In using Checkpoint (if you have not already done so)

    After Sunday School, the Sunday School teachers will lead the children

    attending LAMBS into the big group room in the old fellowship hall.

10:45am - Big Group Time

    Review of the Previous Story/Memory Verse

    Activity Introducing the Story  



11:20am - Small Group Time

    Understanding the Story

    Drawing the Story to a Close

    Jesus in the Story


    Memory Verse

12:00pm - Check Out

    Parents return to check out children from their classrooms.


ikids preschool edition

iKids Preschool Edition is a Wednesday night Bible study for preschooler’s ages Babies through Pre-Kindergarten. They will check in with Checkpoint in the Gym Foyer, beginning their night in the Fellowship Hall. They will worship with the large group then go to the preschool classrooms for small group. They will come back to the Gym Foyer for check out.

Schedule (Babies - Pre-K)

5:45pm Check-in (Gym Foyer and go to the Fellowship Hall)

6:00pm Large Group Worship (both age groups)

6:30pm Bible Study

6:45pm Crafts

7:00pm Games

7:15pm Check out from the Gym Foyer