FBC Monticello is a church that partners with parents to help preschoolers focus on their journey toward faith in Jesus Christ. We seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children will be genuinely loved by a church that desires for them to know that they are a part of God's unfolding story.

Currently, our preschool ministry offers childcare during the Sunday morning Life Group hour only (9:45-10:45 AM). During our worship services, we encourage you to worship together as a family. We understand that babies and preschoolers can be difficult to manage during a worship service, but we as a church family, we find that as a sign of youth and life in the church. 

When you arrive at church, please check your child in at one of our checkpoints. You will receive a printed badge to place on your child's back, which allows workers to contact you if needed. It's also a security measure to ensure that your child is not picked up by someone other than yourself. Children must be picked up by an adult. Older minor siblings may not pick up children with a parent present.


  • Babies - Room 104
  • 1s & 2s - Room 102
  • 3s - PreK - Room 130

Click HERE for a campus map.

The following are five key concepts that we focus on teaching your preschooler:

  *   God loves me and created me on purpose. 

  *   The Bible is the True Story of God and His people. 

  *   All of the stories in the Bible point to Jesus.

  *   People have a choice to follow God or not. 

  *   The Bible teaches me to love and obey God. 

Contact Pastor Kevin for more information about preschool ministry, including volunteer opportunities.