Life Groups at FBC Monticello are designed to meet your needs as a student of the Bible and also provide an opportunity for you to get connected to the church through group members. It's an environment where you feel totally supported. You can ask the hard questions as your figuring out how to apply spiritual truths to your own experiences. It's a chance to talk with other fellow believers and together look for meaningful answers to the things that come up in your lives. Life Groups meet every Sunday morning at 9 AM. See the list below for which class to attend.

Click HERE for a campus map.

  • Babies: Room 104 (South building)
  • 1s & 2s: Room 102 (South building)
  • 3s-Preschool: Room 130 (South building)
  • Kids (grades K-5): Kids Worship area upstairs
  • Students (grades 6-12): Youth Room upstairs
  • Sr. Adult Combined (Gene Kemp): Room 110 (South building)
    * This is a combination of Adult 3 Coed, Willing Workers, Ruth Joy, and Adult Men 1 & 2.
  • Young Adults (Ryan Morgan): Room 158 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • Women of the Word 20+ (Karyn Jones): Room 159 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • Adult 5 Coed 50+ (Craig McRae): Room 155 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • Tiger 1 Coed 60+ (Paul Francis): Room 153 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • Living Water Coed 30+ (Terrell Outlaw): Room 161 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • College Students (Tim Smith): Room 50 (downstairs)
  • Sisters in Hope 40+ (Susan Akin): Room 183 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • Adult 3 Men 50+ (Tommy Newman): Room 185 (Multi-Ministry Center)
  • The Net Coed 30+ (Pigott/Jones): Fellowship Hall (Multi-Ministry Center)