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Whether it's learning about Jesus at Vacation Bible School, being a part of worship or learning a new Bible story, our purpose is to help children realize the joy and meaning that Jesus gives to the lives of those who choose to follow Him.

Our children's programs are designed to be fun, interactive ways for kids to be grounded in God's Word. We want children to grow and be mature in Christ. Our aim is to equip them with the tools they need to make personal changes and know the awesome love of the Father.  

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"Tru story" is a unique opportunity for children ages kindergarten through 5th grade to see a perspective of scripture and the Holy Spirit they may not have seen yet on Sunday morning.  "Tru story" is a three year cycle taking the stories of the Bible and weaves them together to reveal the story of a great God and His redemptive nature.  From Genesis to Revelation, parents and their students will be studying and applying God's word through a take home resource called "Homefront."  We are in our third year of "Tru Story" as we finish the cycle this year. Every Sunday, teachers will engage in leading activities and worship opportunities about the scriptures studied that week.  Students will have a chance to hear scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them.  Come join a Life Group today!

Children's Life Group Schedule:

    9:45                Check in at Checkpoint station and come hang out in the children's worship area

    9:45-9:55            Worship with Jordan Henry

    9:55-10;15          Interactive Bible Study and story telling time with Scott Lane

    10:15-10:45        Application and Life Group class time

Children's Life Group Teachers:

    Kindergarten              Michele Henry        (Room 235)

    1st & 2nd Grade        Mike Akin & Sissy McRae       (Room 230)

    3rd Grade                   Dena Chancellor & Jennie McKay         (Room 232)

    4th Grade                   Kimber Knight & Anne Taylor Beasley        (Room 239)

    5th Grade                   Tina Harrison & Elizabeth Fish         (Room 236)


Life On Mission: Summer 19' Stops   

Life On Mission is an active time of worship, Bible study and missions education for children ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  We will meet from 10-12 on Wednesdays on the dates listed below.  We will be "stopping" at different cities in North America and talking about the needs in those cities to share the gospel.   We will be worshipping, have Bible study, crafts, and games each week.  We will have "Stops" on the following Wednesdays during the summer.  

June 5  -  Montreal

June 12  -  Indianapolis

June 19  -  Miami

June 26  -  New Orleans

July 10  -  Seattle

July 24  -  San Francisco  

Parents need to walk their children into the Gym Foyer for Check-in with Checkpoint.  At 12 pm the check-out process is also in the gym foyer.    


Life On Mission Summer Schedule

          (Kindergarten—5th Grade)

    10:00 am Children's check-in       (Gym Foyer)

    10:15 am Children's Worship       (Children's Worship Area)

    10:45 am Small Group                  (Children's Worship area)

    11:00 am Large Group Bible Study with Bro. Kev.

    11:30 am Games in Gym              (Gym)

    12:00 pm Check out                     (Gym Foyer)