Whether it's "bobbin' for apples", racing "duckies" on a slippery track, or sitting spell bound by an incredible story of a man swallowed by a really big fish, our purpose is to help children realize the joy and meaning that Jesus gives to those who choose to follow him.

Our children's programs are designed to help our children be well grounded in God's Word. We believe that if our world is to be a better place, we had better equip our children with the tools they need to make a change and strive to help them know the awesome love of the Father.

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Sunday School

Tru Story is a unique opportunity for our children ages kindergarten through 5th grade to see a perspective of scripture and the Holy Spirit they may not have seen on Sunday Morning.  Tru story takes the stories of the Bible and weaves them together to see the story of a Great God and His redemptive nature through scripture.  From Genesis to Revelation parents and their students will be studying and applying God's word through a take home piece called "Homefront".  The following Sunday, teachers will engage in leading activities and worship opportunities about the scriptures studied that week.  They will have a chance to hear scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them.

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iKids is a Wednesday night Bible study for children ages Kindergarten through 5th Grade. They will be meeting in the Gym and adjacent classrooms. Check in with Checkpoint for the children will be in the Foyer of the Gym.  Bro. Kevin will be overseeing the Children’s ministry this year.

Schedule (Kindergarten—5th Grade)

5:45pm Check-in (Gym Foyer and go to the Gym)

6:00pm Large Group Worship (both age groups)

6:25pm Bible Study

6:40pm Small groups with leaders

7:00pm Games in the Gym

7:15pm Check out from the Gym Foyer